Cova the Lollipuff

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About Lollipuff Eggs

It appears that this egg is resting in between sugary cotton candy puffs!

About the Lollipuff Creature

Lollipuffs, after they first hatch, are very shy and hide behind the lollypop that they carry around. It's only after much loving care and attention do they grow and become slightly more social. Even in mid-life, though, they use their lollypop as a kind of binky to calm themselves when they are anxious.

A Lollipuff's lollypop is referred to as a "Puff Wand." Why are they referred to as a wand? Well, they're magic! With these wands, Lollipuffs can turn inanimate, non-living objects into pure, delicious candy. This gift is extremely rare and a Lollipuff is only able to perform such a spell (often by accident) a few times in its entire lifetime. In fact, it is thought that the Lollipuff created the Kandju itself.