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-- https://open.spotify.com/track/2LFmdPTj84A0xIjbGhTMdV?si=f055fa8022944753

Soft white sand crunches under your feet as you make your way down the beach. The crystal blue water laps and growls besides you as you roaring sun beats down on the scene, sending flickers of rainbows splashing across the sand. The water bends out across the horizon into a deep mystery that reflects a glimmering image of the sun. Clouds seem to swim through the sky in streamlined shapes and take in the beautiful blue colour of the sky, which warps into all kinds of other purples and reds and oranges as the sun begins to crawl downwards. You raise your hand to the sun to shield yourself, and decide to take cover in the plant life that hugs the border of the beach. The mysterious but beautiful shrubbery shines in all colours of the rainbow, and the vibrant orange, red, pink and purple leaves brush and cling against you as you walk.

-- https://open.spotify.com/track/2AcCsG2SJIZxCM54r3PPxc?si=50344e97dd9b4cd7

After a while of walking, you come across a small stream through the palm forest that takes you to a cliff that sticks back out into the ocean. The cliff is a deep rocky blue, jagged, and points up into a flat, unreachable surface far up that prods at the clouds. You follow the blue-grey rocks as the tide begins to go out, revealing flashy rainbow sand further along surrounded by equally bright coral.

But as you're inspecting the low-tide area, you notice a gash in the front of the rock wall where you couldn't see before because of the sea. You make your way over to inspect.

-- https://open.spotify.com/track/0dbgTBRay89vvMP7vi0Dmj?si=484f4454a1814e54

As you enter the cave, you hear a dripping and echoing sound that now accompanies the distant rushing of the tides. The inside of the cave is, expectantly, somewhat dark, but the wet glistening and some faintly glowing blueish and pink rocks help to illuminate your surroundings.

It's narrow and a little slanted at first, but soon opens up into a homely cave system, with plenty of rocky platforms filled with crystal-clear water pools, stalactites dripping down into them. Some of the pools are small and shallow, like the kind of thing you might find in a small rockpool, and some are much larger and deeper, some even appearing to open up into a deep black void. As you near the back of the cave, you spot what appears to be a makeshift home setup, with glowing rocks and driftwood fashioned into various things such as torches, a bed, and various forms of storage. Nearby is a medium side pool with a pile of eggs in the centre. You consider stealing them, when you turn around and spot someone.

Behind you, backlit by the luminous rocks, is a scraggy-looking person with short brown hair that falls just over their eyes. They're wearing pale greyish-coloured rags which are padded by shimmering scales that appear to change colour depending on the light. Behind them stands a creature, one you recognize from reading through the archives, called an Odraz. It's quite tall for it's species.

You feel threatened, but as do they. You tell them about how you just happened to stumble across this place in an attempt to ease the tension, and they seem to bite, forgiving you for intruding.

You sit down with them and then end up offering you some food they scavenged from the plants and across the beach, and tell you of their life, how they take in any eggs they find, often rescuing ones that get dragged out by the waves or stolen by predatory creatures. They tell you about how they foster and live with creatures, but don't "own" them, instead only living *with* them. The creatures come and go as they please.

They also tell you about how connected to the water they are. They're an extremely skilled swimmer and spend most of their time in the water, swimming with creatures and exploring the beautiful coral sea. With a life like this, they care not for trivial worries like having money - they are one with the world. If they require resources, food, fresh water, they seek it out.

You consider this way of living. It sounds too good to be true, and most likely is -- a lifestyle of this sort certainly comes with it's challenges. You finish your food and thank the mysterious person and their Odraz for their time and hospitality, and leave the cave just as the tide begins to come in.


-- https://open.spotify.com/track/5rPKCQ8VN64HMfQORm3eTi?si=a7677a1607fb48b6

Character art!

Was previously @/smidge

HEYOO I'm Cress! I'm an artist who just loves collecting and creature design :] thought I'd return for fun! (they/them)

If you have the time, I'd reallly really appreciate clicks and feeds on the clikc/feed list! :]

I really like dragons and phoenixes and gryffins and stuff!
Bright colours are cool
Arcweom, my beloved...

This is more of a fancy display account to show off and collect my faves

Alt for storage and trades: @smidgestorage
^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

- Aig
- Angold
- Ashazar
- Basque
- Byte
- Chiye
- Drakomo
- Durkmun
- Electrock
- Eurog
- Flar
- Flintar
- Floodeer
- Foglin
- Glooble
- Goast
- Kektron
- Kepatio
- Leroon
- Lui
- Mariyd
- Quarina
- Quetki
- Rannin
- Roarnt
- Roasen
- Sabbomet
- Scorbis
- Sherth
- Solis
- Vodda
- Volar
- Yojura


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It won't work properly in a browser because my database makes use of macros/buttons that allows you to sort through the data and browse it in easily accessible ways!
If you want it to work properly, you may have to download it - let me know if there are any issues! :]


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watercress • 14 Jul 2021, 4:40 PM

Some days I simply indulge in my lovely little cove in the cyberspace. Things are good. (:

watercress • 6 Jul 2021, 5:02 AM

I like to imagine that starred creatures are like shiny pokemon, and that the starred ones specifically each have a slightly different colour palette than normal

acclivius • 28 Jun 2021, 11:24 PM

Fed all the critters in the feed tab! Your writing is really good btw!

watercress • 28 Jun 2021, 2:58 PM

Sorry I haven't been able to be mega active lately! Life is being a little rough, but dw, I'm pulling through just fine! I just don't have much free time on my hands;

suessan • 12 Jun 2021, 4:46 AM

Fed all!

watercress • 7 Jun 2021, 11:18 PM

o7 to the multicolour account. I have returned my riches.
Maybe I'll still use the account for something in future, not sure.

lunacharm1037 • 7 Jun 2021, 3:31 PM

Fed all

watercress • 2 Jun 2021, 6:33 PM

Will be characterizing my creatures once most of them have gotten to their final evolutions :]

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Speedrunning evolution

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