Anego the Bubblefish

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Anego: The German name of Nihilego.

Originally named "Uturoid" / ウツロイド, Nihilego's Japanese name.

About Bubblefish Eggs

Bubblefish eggs are noteworthy for their resilient outer membranes that have a sticky, gummy quality.

About the Bubblefish Creature

The smallest known species amongst its jellyfish cousins, a family which includes the Aurelian, Goldur, and Vanmand, Bubblefish are viewed rather endearingly by many Arkians in spite of their spider-like behavior. Beneath the cute, innocent facade is a strategic creature whose name derives from the bubbles that are constantly being produced to capture prey. The sticky composition of these bubbles, often described as an "underwater spiderweb", creates a spherical prison that is nearly impossible for plankton to escape once trapped within.