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About Leoaquar Eggs

This egg looks a little...weird. The feathers are extremely soft while the spots on the egg sort of leave you with a weird feeling. But don't worry! The SAR Center has done some research and determined that the spots are just that...spots on the creature. Some like to believe that the more spots the Leoaquar egg has, the healthier the creature inside is. So keep a close eye on the number of spots on your Leoaquar egg!

About the Leoaquar Creature

The Leoaquar is a very special creature. Sort of a hybrid between a snow leopard and something with wings, the Leoaquar is capable of flight across entire countries! The Leoaquar highly prefers colder weather compared to tropical or warm weather, so expect to keep a lot of air conditioners around if you are in warmer areas. However if you are cold, just snuggle right up to your Leoaquar! They are highly affectionate creatures and enjoy when their owners are completely happy as well. It's has been said, through rumors and mythical stories, that the Leoaquar used to deliver messages across the seas before more permanent ways of message transportation was invented. Of course today the Leoaquar would prefer to stay around the owner. When a Leoaquar sets his or her eyes on you, you are forever their's just as they are forever yours.