Anasseh the Reidea

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8 Sep 2018
28 Sep 2018
13 May 2019
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About Reidea Eggs

This egg feels rather smooth and soft despite the crack showing and the appearance of being made out of sand. Maybe that means the creature inside is also soft.

About the Reidea Creature

The Reidea is well known for its ability to run fast. While it isn’t the fastest animal in Ark, a lot of other creatures can’t keep up with the Reidea. These birds are flightless, but that didn’t stop Arkians from finding a way to keep them in shape. Many Arkians keep a Reidea around to help deliver messages as they are reliable and are able to travel long distances without a whole lot of food and water.

They are better trained during their child years because once they reach the teenage stage they are known to become rebellious. Most teenage Reideas will hide their head in sand or anything around them just to avoid listening to their owners. But once they become adults, the Reideas are ready to run. Even if they are away for a day, they will always come back to their owners.