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About Sabbomet Eggs

Sabbomet eggs can only be summoned into existence. The rituals involved in this summoning can only be originally learned from an adult Sabbomet and are closely guarded secrets.

About the Sabbomet Creature

Sabbomets have a deep understanding of magic and its practices. Many new practitioners will call upon a Sabbomet to be their teacher. Even master of the arcane arts have been known to call upon the Sabbomet for knowledge. When summoning a Sabbomet for knowledge one must be wary. If a Sabbomet thinks that it is being taken advantage of or that the knowledge it gives is being misused the Sabbomet will retaliate by placing a curse on the summoner. These curses can only be removed by the Sabbomet who placed or by an extremely powerful magic user. However, any magic user that can remove a Sabbomet curse usually won't as they trust that the Sabbomet had a reason for placing the curse.