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12 Oct 2018
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I'm on the hunt to expand my species name collection!! Ever since I got my first species name (Mecko) I've enjoyed collecting more species names. And it makes me loose sleep when a new batch of pets is coming out. xD I currently have 114 species names that I've collected over the years, and I'm seeking to expand even further!

What are you offering??
I'm mainly offering CC. Though in some cases I will offer a creature.
My offers on species names are primarily 300cc - 500cc. I tend to offer 300cc on commons, monthlies or creatures that are of a less detailed art style; and I offer 500cc for creatures I like, most CSPs and creatures with detailed art.

What do you mean by 'detailed art'?
'Detailed art' just means I find the art more pretty or realistic than other styles.
For EX: Goggy = less detailed, Gourdie = detailed

When will you offer a creature in a trade?
I tend to offer creatures in return for a few names I'd value at 300cc.
I might add a creature with CC if the CC value gets high, but *I won't trade a higher value, per say 5000cc value pet for 5000cc worth of species names*. I say this because while I do love species names, I want to be able to at least have high value pets left for trading for other creatures.
Also, unlike CC, which maintains a constant worth, creatures are subject to value change, however slow that may be in some cases.

If you have any further Questions, or if you might be interested in negotiating a trade, please send me a mail (It helps me keep organized and not loose anything).
Thanks for your time!
- @prairie

About Noctiandy Eggs

Ooh this egg looks yummy. The sweet aroma of candy corn is coming from this egg. Plus it is so soft. Wait, did the ear just twitch?

About the Noctiandy Creature

The Noctiandy is the most adorable fluff of a bat that is just so happy to be joining us for Halloween. The Noctiandy loves candy corn of all colors, which is perhaps why they have come in the colors that candy corn normally is. So if you keep candy corn around your cove, you can expect the Noctiandy will stick around for quiet a long time. How could you say no to a face like that? The Noctiandy loves to go trick-or-treating with you, and will even carry their own little basket. Of course if they get anything other than candy corn, then looks like you get some extra treats.