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28 Oct 2018
14 Feb 2020
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About Bruxa Eggs

If you remove the egg's bonnet, it will not hatch. It's best to leave that in place, even though it may be tempting to wear as part of your Halloween costume!

About the Bruxa Creature

Born in the deepest and darkest places of the Forest, Bruxas cast magical spells on unsuspecting passers-by. Sometimes these hexes are good and other times they are bad. At the very best, Bruxa hexes can drastically increase your good luck. At the worst, Bruxas may be able to possess and control your body for a short period of time. People are more susceptible to this curse when they are very tired and don't have much energy; fully awake people are rarely charmed by this curse. So, only go deep into the Forest if you've had a good sleep the night before or bring another magical creature with shield properties.

Bruxas, unlike many other species of bunnies, do not reproduce very quickly. In fact, it takes triple the amount of time for them to reproduce compared to genetically similar species (like the Cotofly). The Science and Research Center in Ark City is actively researching why there is such a big evolutionary divergence.