Veedramon the Baistay

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2 May 2010
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Veedramon: A Mythical Dragon Champion-level Digimon, a cross between a dragon and a dog.

Acquired in an auction from @raitonchidori2 / @raitonchidori and was originally named "Baistaytay". The original design of the Baistay was unintentionally a blatant recolour of Veemon, as the one who suggested the creature traced over an image of it. Veemon was taken so this is this is the next best thing.

FINALLY. After way too many years, I finally managed to replace the Baistay I got back in the first CRW. It took a huge chunk of my EC, but I did it. Now onto the rest of the impossible-to-find 2010 CRW crew, most of which I also owned at some point. Haha, no chance...

Maybe I'll be able to replace my Shaibun within the next decade or two as well.

About Baistay Eggs

This egg was only given out for the Creature Release Week in April 2010.

About the Baistay Creature

Baistay are the most friendly of Ark jungle creatures. They are extremely intelligent and use their environment to get everything they need. They are gatherers and their innate moral code does not permit them to steal. They are true herbivores and do not harm other living creatures.