Lurki the Verrot

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29 Nov 2018
26 Oct 2020
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About Verrot Eggs

This egg has a strange black liquid oozing out of it and reeks of both rotten and burnt turkey meat. The smell alone is enough to make anyone nauseous.

About the Verrot Creature

This is the Thanksgiving turkey of nightmares. That might be because this creature isn't a turkey at all. Verrots are actually an otherworldly creature that takes a rotting or discarded Thanksgiving turkey carcass and uses it as a shell for it to live in. When the Verrot has found a suitable turkey carcass to live in, the turkey becomes reanimated and almost zombie-like. It is because of this that the Science and Research Center in Ark City has classified the Verrot as a parasite species, even though they do not reside in living turkey species.

As a Verrot grows in its new "turkey skin," black spines will emerge, giving its home a grotesque feathered resemblance. With these spines also comes an overpowering smell of rotting and burnt turkey; so it is advised that if you somehow want one of these revolting creatures for your own, you keep it outside far away from your home.