Comradeship the Engel

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8 Dec 2018
27 Dec 2018
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(Quest Creature)
All my friends on Egg Cave are lovely people, and I love them all dearly for being there even tho we did not know who the other individual actually is. Tbh with you, I like messaging people just to talk to them for fun. It's less awkward than talking in real life. It's much easier with a screen, the sad truth of 2018, huh?

@crown for welcoming me on my first dayand for Tealady the Teason! ♡
@thedarkarcher for chatting with me, helping me out always with some gifts and being a lovely person ♡
@calenlass for being a sweet person and taking the time to help this small one
@rashka for chatting with me (a random stranger)
@grimwood for gifting me FlowerFox the Asteran ♡
@magicaltomato3 for being a friendly peep and responding to my inane questions about life
@kaiserbakura / @pet_cemetary ,for just being a nice person to talk to
@sparklefox for answer any inquiries I had when I was a noob newbie.
@iris1929578 for being a fellow Chinese jkjk... and gifting me -BabyLizz- the Comprewt

About Engel Eggs

This egg was only given out in December of 2011.

Engel eggs emit a faint aura and if one listens closely, it is said that a strumming harp can be heard.

About the Engel Creature

Engels are guardian angels that appear for "chosen" Arkians every December. Those lucky enough to encounter an Engel generally succeed in their endeavors. Additionally, Engel are trusting and always seem to be in good sorts and, as a result, are often regarded as one of the easiest creatures to raise. Engels disappear from Ark after December and although many have tried, no one has been able to find where they disappear to. The Science and Research Center has studied the Engel and believes that they migrate across the world following the winter season and holiday cheer. In contrast, many Arkians maintain that they never leave and continue to guide their owners.