Fireyes the Wynerl

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5 Sep 2016
3 May 2019
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Name History: I thought it was a Dinno. Because Dinno have orange eyes, I thought Fireyes would be a good name. I was wrong!

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I had to restore you once.

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About Wynerl Eggs

The long, colorfully luscious flow of hair emerging from the center of Wynerl eggs are what draws in and maintains warmth for the developing embryo inside. Once hatched and the shell discarded, the hair is often collected and is incorporated into many decorative pieces during the fall season.

About the Wynerl Creature

Wynerl sleep and sit motionlessly among mountain ridges from the peak of dawn until dusk, absorbing the sunlight's comforting warmth the entire time. At nightfall, Wynerl become active predators and spend until dawn searching for food. An old Ark legend tells of a cunning Wynerl that outsmarted greedy merchants who traveled along mountain trails, managing to steal their goods and bring humility.

It is a common mistake to regard Wynerl as having multiple tails due to the bushy explosion of fur at the rear of its body. In reality, this hairy mass is hiding a single, stubby appendage.