Alcremie the Vesti

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9 Dec 2018
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About Vesti Eggs

Vesti eggs are actually a fruit of the Vesti flower that grows abundantly throughout the Grasslands. However, very few Vesti flowers produce this fruit which makes the hatched creature extremely rare.

About the Vesti Creature

Never before in history has a flower produced a fruit that produces a creature. For scientists at the Science and Research Center in Ark City, it is an almost otherworldly phenomenon—a total impossibility. Some scientists argue that studying the Vesti's reproduction cycle could lead to scientific discoveries that could allow us to control life itself. Others belief that it is merely an evolutionary gimmick whose purpose is insignificant in the grand scheme.

Science aside, many say that seeing a Vesti is a magical, life-giving experience. Many describe the Vesti's appearance as peaceful and loving, embodying a kind of unconditional high regard that is increasingly uncommon in the world. Some lovers embark on the annual Vesti Pilgrimage in the spring whereby Arkians visit the Grasslands in hope of a Vesti sighting occurring; they do this purely to observe the Vesti itself, in hopes that seeing one may illuminate some universal truth about tranquility and harmony that translates to their interpersonal relationships.