Keetonne the Muffette

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17 Dec 2018
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About Muffette Eggs

Aw look at this cute little cuddly egg! That scarf looks very warm. However don't remove the scarf from the Muffette egg, otherwise it won't hatch. If you want to get your egg to continuously stay warm, just get a bunch of stockings and make a nice warm bed for your Muffette.

About the Muffette Creature

The Muffette is an adorable creature that enjoys snow and building snowkitties. Despite looking like such a warm egg, the Muffette prefers the cold over warmer weather. The one thing the Muffette loves more than snow is their scarf, so don't try to ever take it away from them. So don't try to take it away unless you really wanted a very angry pet on your hands. Don't forget they have claws! But look at that cute face. It isn't uncommon for the Muffette to use a tactic by using their adorable looks to get more gifts during the holiday. But when they aren't trying to get gifts, Muffettes are normally the messengers and delivering gifts to various friends and family members from their owner. They might even make random gifts and give them out to people around them. So be on the lookout for an adorable creature with a scarf!