Pyroli the Flaren

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26 Jul 2011
4 Apr 2019
4 Feb 2019
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Pyroli: The French name of Flareon.

She was originally named "Flaren-Flareon" and the original description below this shows the dumb reason younger me came up with that. Thanks to @asi for making this possible! This creature died sometime in 2011 / 12.
Just add an o after the e and you get Flareon.

About Flaren Eggs

This egg was only given out on July 20-25 of 2011 for Egg Cave's 2-year birthday celebration.

About the Flaren Creature

The Flaren is a magnificent cross between ancient unicorns and foxes. Flaren's hunting capabilities are legendary; they have smart senses and can detect their prey from miles away based upon scent and even emotions of fear. Whilst they are very clever hunters and busy themselves with hunting, they are very friendly toward humans and make great pets.