SuperCyp the Jerob

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12 Mar 2019
3 May 2019
25 Apr 2019
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Supercyp: From Evil Twin: Cyprien's Chronicles - this is the name of the 'alter-ego' super form that Cyprien can transform into. (Acquired in an auction from @monsterprincess33 and renamed. Might give this to a 'more fitting' creature... but who would even fit this?)

Hatches at 100 clicks, evolves at 200 clicks and evolves again at 300 clicks.

About Jerob Eggs

The Red Bandana is the sign of the Captains of Thieves of Leila and the Northern Plains.

About the Jerob Creature

As devilish as a Diablos and cunning as a dark Wiset, Jerobs are criminal masterminds and experts in the art of thievery. Jerobs are ruthless creatures and will stop at nothing to obtain what they most deeply desire.

Despite however a Jerob may show you their loyalty, they should never be trusted.