Tretanne the Biocycle

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22 Apr 2019
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About Biocycle Eggs

This egg can only grow in dark and damp places. It seems to grow exclusively in and around fungus beds located deep inside of the Cave.

About the Biocycle Creature

After hatching inside of the Cave, Biocycles consume decomposing matter to become bigger. Once they reach a large enough size, they venture out and leave the safety of the Cave. On their journey throughout Ark, they help break down plastic found in Ark's various environments. Because of their role, Biocycles are crucial to maintaining balance in Ark's diverse ecosystems. It is, however, a reminder to all citizens to reduce their use of non-biodegradable plastics.

Biocycles are very slow moving creatures and blend in with forest floors and tree trunks. Most of the time Arkians rarely notice them in the wild. Biocycles, at most, only move about 1 kilometer a year.