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28 Apr 2019
27 Jan 2020
30 Mar 2020
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About Floodeer Eggs

Are those feathers? The egg itself looks like it is made out of a crystal type substance. Be careful that you don't drop the egg or the creature inside might not like you too much!

About the Floodeer Creature

The Floodeer is a majestic deer-like animal that can fly. Yep you heard us, it can fly. The horns, according to the SAR center, are apparently infused with some sort of magic that helps propel their feathered wings in order to keep them flying. If their horns get damaged or for some reason cut shorter, then their magic is depleted. So make sure to take care of them. Otherwise not much else is really known about the Floodeer. They retain some of the hardness from their shells on patches on their skin throughout their years. They shine when their body hits the light and creates a kaleidoscope of colors wherever they are. A very regal animal and a very loyal pet.