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About Xovo Eggs

If you touch the gem on a Xovo egg, it will turn you into a frozen stone forever.

About the Xovo Creature

Being a tropical island, it is rare for Ark to have a blizzard but they are possible near the southeastern coast—the coldest part of the island. The creature that is thought to be responsible for causing them, based on ancient legend, is the Xovo. They harness the power from the Coldworld and then unleash this energy on the island. Despite the fact that blizzards can be destructive, they don't disrupt the ecosystem of Ark that much. Many creatures, when they sense that a blizzard is coming, can take refuge a little farther north in the jungles. There, the canopy protects them from destructive winds.

When the weather service in Ark City issues a blizzard alert, they are called "Xovo Alerts." During a Xovo alert, travel is banned to the southeastern coast.