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29 Jan 2020
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About Unipunk Eggs

The modification culture among Unipunks is so strong that even their eggs, which are rather plain, have decorations added to them.

About the Unipunk Creature

There has always been a culture of personal modification in Faela City. Circuitry, wires, robotic parts, and electricity have always featured heavily in such cybernetic modifications. Recently there has been a growing movement in Faela City's underground that takes a more old-fashioned approach to their modifications. Clockwork, brass, steam and other alternate energy sources are what set this growing style apart.

Unipunks specialize in creating intricate and complicated clockwork mechanisms. These mechanisms are complex enough to preform fine motor functions. There have even been some rumors that certain Unipunk creators have been experimenting with creating artificial life powered solely by clockwork.