Lustiness the Rousel

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30 Mar 2013
1 Aug 2019
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Essence of Litsdnats
(Stage Frozen)
Status: Possibly UFT
Stage: 2nd
Gender: Male
Owner: MoonWeaver
Species: Rousel
Traded from: Magician1574
Hatched: Unknown
Original Name: Kindness
Frozen By: Moonweaver

About Rousel Eggs

The flowery bespeckled pattern on the shell, along with the ribbon adornment, make Rousel eggs highly sought after during the springtime. Used as temporary display pieces until they hatch, these eggs never fail to dazzle guests in any home.

About the Rousel Creature

Rousel, because of their highly elegant and reserved nature, were often seen pulling the royal carriages of various monarchs throughout Ark's past. Despite their previous usage as work creatures for royalty, domesticated Rousel are now typically used for show in exhibitions, ridden by joyous children at carnivals, or just simply kept as pets.