Senton the Sento

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21 Aug 2019
25 Oct 2019
19 Jul 2020
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About Sento Eggs

Sento eggs are a delicacy in Arkian cuisine and sushi. Their taste is sweet, fishy, and light.

About the Sento Creature

Sento eggs are frequently served at high-end Ark City sushi restaurants. But once Sentos hatch, it is illegal to eat them. They must be treated humanely, like the other creatures of Ark are treated.

In their hatched forms, Sentos are extremely playful and energetic playmates. They will certainly enjoy playing with your other creatures and can often get their energy out through this type of socialization and interaction. It's generally a bad idea to only have a Sento as a creature; they should always have playmates and not be left alone. When left to themselves, they become destructive due to their boredom.