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About Drakimi Eggs

This egg was given out for Egg Cave's 10th birthday in July of 2019.

Drakimi eggs must be kept in radiation-proof lead containment units, as they emit dangerous levels of radiation similar to that of decaying nuclear waste. This is extraordinarily harmful to Arkians and the environment. When they hatch, however, the dragon has the ability to control the amount of radiation they let off and, since they hatch into friendly companions, rarely harm humans. It is only the eggs that are dangerous.

About the Drakimi Creature

Cousins of Egg Cave's very first creature, the Drakomo, Drakimis are a friendly dragon species. Unlike Drakomos, Drakimis do not have an acute sense of hearing to detect danger; rather, they possess a heightened sense of smell. Scientists at the Science and Research Center in Ark City have discovered that Drakimis can even smell stress-induced hormones radiating from individual Arkians. During times of stress, Drakimis often make themselves available to their owners for emotional support. Many owners report that Drakimis are an effective therapy creature.

Despite their friendliness toward the citizens of Ark, Drakimis do not allow people to fly on their backs. If you try, they'll promptly throw you off. When they soar in the sky, they fly by themselves. It is as if this majestic creature reminds all that it is indeed a wild creature that cannot be completely tamed.