Bluez the Elkikorn

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31 Dec 2012
23 May 2020
27 Jun 2020
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About Elkikorn Eggs

This egg was only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park for December 2012.

The horns that encase Elkikorn eggs makes them particularly sturdy. Days before the egg is ready to hatch the horns will fall off allowing the Elkikorn inside to break free.

About the Elkikorn Creature

Elkikorns are distantly related to Florns, Unipegs, and Raicorns. However Elkikorns have neither the gentleness nor the inherent magic found in their relatives. Instead they have a strong will and a determination to prove themselves. This makes Elkikorns notoriously difficult to train. They will frequently disobey or ignore orders and will try to perform tasks that exceed their capabilities. But once you do train one you will find that whatever task you set them to will be performed to near perfection.