Kristya the Snufae

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31 Dec 2019
13 Jul 2021
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About Snufae Eggs

Snufae eggs are as small as an individual snowflake that falls from the sky. That's right... the egg is so small, it's almost microscopic.

About the Snufae Creature

Similar to their egg form, Snufae are small enough to stand on the tip of your finger. A delightful and kind crystal fairy creature, they grace us with their presence every time it snows in Ark. Around the wintertime holidays, they are a source of great joy for Arkians.

Snufae have the unique ability to control the flow of snowflakes and direct their movements—not with the power of wind but by controlling the snowflake itself. They often use this power for the amusement of Ark citizens. Think about it this way: instead of watching a fireworks show, you're watching a group of Snufae perform a snowflake show, creating various shapes, patterns, and movements in the sky. How cool!

While gracious, Snufae occasionally use their ability to control snow to dump large amounts of snow on top of the houses of people that they don't like. Instead of being "snowed in" at your house, you've gotten "Snufaed."