Prixes the Ghoulvoo

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31 Dec 2019
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About Ghoulvoo Eggs

A soft egg that feels completely covered by fabric with some colorful tufts of fur. It looks like a child sewed this together except for the very sudden movements the egg randomly makes. All that come into contact of this egg feels a sense of foreboding, that something very soon will happen.

About the Ghoulvoo Creature

The Doovoo's colorful cousin.

Despite the sense of foreboding, owners will persist in looking after these little creatures as these make great company for children. Unlike the Mimic, Ghoulvoos will not pester children to play and will choose if they want to play with children or not. Ghoulvoos do have a mischievous streak and if they have not been trained properly, will cause some trouble in homes and can reach odd places. It is not rare hearing of a Ghoulvoo that has ended up on top of a building with no large trees around, or one that has somehow caused thousands in damages.