Prenez the Stramyra

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10 Feb 2020
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About Stramyra Eggs

Stramyra mothers are incredibly territorial and aggressive when it comes to their eggs and their young. Stramyra eggs are difficult to obtain, because they are often completely surrounded by a parade of other Stramyras.

About the Stramyra Creature

While most anteaters enjoy spending their days grazing termite mounds and ant hills, this magical creature is a big fan of berries, especially chocolate covered ones with sprinkles.

Their unusually poofy tail allows for them to create a shield to hide from unsuspecting bake shop owners during Valentine's Day celebrations. It makes for the perfect plan to swipe a chocolate treat or two when strolling the streets of Ark City. They even use their long tongues to swipe treats, so they don't necessarily have to enter the shop to steal something! Be on the lookout!