Ferkor the Efni

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19 Mar 2020
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Amazing Grace Creature Facility

Thank you for using Amazing Grace Creature Facility. Our facility is based solely on hope alone. We hope that this Efni will bring you as much joy as giving this to you has given us. We hope that it finds its forever home in a loving cove. We sincerely hope you will come back and check from time to time, and help out here too.

~Amazing Grace Creature Facility

Thank you to @Stevepat2002 for gifting me this amazing Efni!

About Efni Eggs

The Efni egg is actually a chemical experiment gone wrong with a gemstone. Where did a chemical experiment go wrong, you ask? It is none other than at the Science and Research Center in Ark City.

About the Efni Creature

The Efni is a living expression of the opal mineraloid and was created out of an accident at the Science and Research Center in Ark City. The SAR Center, once they had realized that they created something living from a stone, almost terminated the first Efni's life. But they refrained from doing this "for scientific purposes" to study the Efni in its living form.

Scientists and researchers, so far, have found that the Efni's temperament is actually quite agreeable but that there is nothing remarkable about the Efni outside of the fact that it was created from mixing toxic slime with heat and a mineral.

Efnis are able to be "owned" by Arkians but you cannot take one home with you. Efnis must stay at the Ark City Zoo in captivity at all times, so as not to disturb what the SAR Center calls the "natural ecosystem" of Ark.