Lovelessness the Ott

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14 Feb 2013
22 Apr 2020
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Lovelessness: The state or condition of being loveless; lack of love.

Originally named "LoveOtt". I've got some spare freely gained CC and will be gradually reviving a few dead creatures that I'd really love to have back. This Ott died sometime during 2015 when the internet decided to crap itself yet again... but for an entire week this time.

>recent feeders were all people active 2-4 years ago

About Ott Eggs

This egg was only given out from February 14-17, 2013.

Ott eggs emit a particular aroma that has a tendency to soften people's hearts and prepare them for love.

About the Ott Creature

Otts are among the saddest of Ark creatures, as most begin as excellent lovers but then somehow lose their love. Otts, however, are perseverant and never give up despite the circumstances.