MoricBlob the Moric

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About Moric Eggs

It would appear that this slimy egg transforms itself into a toxic barrel which, in its first stage, the creature oozes out of.

About the Moric Creature

Terrifying and vicious, the Moric is a creature that is absolutely to be avoided. It is able to absorb living things into its slimy body and that absorption process allows the Moric to grow bigger and bigger over time.

Several years ago, a giant Moric towering over 20 meters tall, grew so large in the forests just outside of Ark City that a mandatory evacuation order was issued for the city. All Arkians had to evacuate and take all of their creatures with them. The Moric was fought for over 5 days. Now, Moric threats are exterminated as soon as they are discovered.

How are Morics exterminated? As it turns out... soap. But you need it in very, very large quantities and at the highest pH levels.