Tianma the Moxel

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26 Jul 2012
6 May 2020
18 May 2020
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Tiānmǎ / 天馬: "Heavenly horse", a flying horse in Chinese mythology. They're usually depicted as being wingless, but they can also be depicted as having wings and dragon-like features.

Originally named "RapidDash". Quite obviously named after Rapidash.
I think he died when I was having internet / computer issues. Judging from the stats, it must have happened not too long after I adopted him. Site events are the only reason I was finally able to bring him back.

About Moxel Eggs

This egg was only given out on July 20-26 of 2012 for Egg Cave's 3-year birthday celebration.

About the Moxel Creature

Moxel tail hair is highly coveted because of its unique twinkle and vibrant colors. Their tail hair grows quickly, so it does no harm to trim the tail hair frequently and sell it for profit. A lot of women use Moxel tail hair as highlights in their own hair to accentuate their features.