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About Terrard Eggs

This egg shines like crystal-clear glass. It has a sparkly pink hue.

About the Terrard Creature

In the Terrard's child stage, only its hooves are made of glass. That glass is very durable and, in general, does not shatter. In the Terrard's teen stage, it sheds its glass hooves and only its antlers are made of glass. When the Terrard fully evolves, its entire body undergoes a huge transformation; as an adult, its entire body is glass. A Terrard that is fully evolving into its adult stage sleeps for, on average, 15.5 days before waking up in its new glass body. It is extremely important that the Terrard is not disturbed, rattled, or shaken during its metamorphosis.

Many say that, as they gaze into a Terrard's body, they see the entire Universe.