Willorona the Sadly

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17 Sep 2020
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About Sadly Eggs

This egg is surprisingly light despite feeling like it's made of solid wood! The purple liquid coating the top of the egg is said to be able to bring back any plant from the brink of death.

Sadly eggs can be found tucked into the roots of long dead trees, a bright shock of color amidst the gray and brown of fallen branches and decay. As the egg nears hatching, what sounds like soft crying can be heard from within as its liquid-like "leaves" consume every inch of the egg's surface entirely.

About the Sadly Creature

The legend of the Sadly, brought about by its human-like shape, is as old as Ark itself, but some say it's even older.

Long ago, a woman grew the most beautiful garden under the cover of the drooping leaves of her favorite willow trees. Vines and bushes grew inside of the garden with the most exquisite fruits and beautiful flowers of all colors. Each plant was lovingly tended to every day by the delicate hand of the Maiden who lived there. No matter the season, the magic of these willow trees provided protection from the harsh elements and the garden stayed green and overflowing all year long. Because of this, anyone in need was welcome inside to harvest, so long as they left an offering beside the Maiden's pond first and never took more than what was needed. It was said that if a tree were to be depleted entirely of the fruit it bore, it would shrivel and never again bloom.

One especially cruel night, the crops grown by the other inhabitants of the island were destroyed by frost. The leader of these people proclaimed that there was no need to worry and that they could take all they needed from the garden hidden amongst the trees. At once the people entered the garden—leaving no offerings to thank the Maiden for her generosity—they became greedy and picked each and every piece of fruit they could find from the trees before returning to their homes.

The Maiden, seeing her beloved garden barren and reduced to nothing, sat beside the pond and cried. As she cried, the willows lent her their magic once again, turning her into the most beautiful willow of them all. Her leaves, however, dripped purple magic as steadily as the tears she cried. As her magic spread, it's believed that it was the reason Sadly eggs began to appear and that each creature is an extension of her and her sadness.