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30 Sep 2020
2 Oct 2020
18 Oct 2020
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Peahens: Plural of "peahen", a female peafowl.

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...How the hell did I manage to win both of this month's creatures? Did barely anyone buy tickets or something?

About Peasuma Eggs

This egg reminds you of the giant sumatran trees of the dense, thick rainforest.

About the Peasuma Creature

The roots of the Peasuma peacock tree are very shallow but can grow beyond dozens and dozens of miles, covering the surface of the forest. Legend says that anybody that touches the roots of the Peasuma tree can understand the interconnectedness of all things quickly and clearly. For centuries, the Peasuma has been a symbol of enlightenment.

As it matures, the Peasuma tree eventually grows into the most colorful tree you've ever laid your eyes on. Its purple hues are striking against the often only-green backdrop of the rainforest.