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About Kalown Eggs

Kalown eggs are unusually active. The three tails swish back and forth, which causes the bell to ring constantly. For an egg, they are pretty noisy. Some people are so bothered by the noise that they hire others to hatch the creature for them. Unfortunately for those owners finding a hatcher for Kalown egg isn't easy. This is not only due to the noise they cause but also because many find the eye marking on the egg unsettling.

Despite all the unease many experience around these eggs, the SAR Center in Ark City says that it is best to hatch a Kalown you plan to own yourself as it allows the creature to connect with their owner better.

About the Kalown Creature

Kalowns are a species that were originally discovered by a Town Hall employee who spotted one in a traveling circus. At first, it was thought to be another creature that had been dressed up with colorful paints but it was found that the markings where the natural patterns of the species. However, it was harder to find this species in the circus than one might think. This was due to many audience members, children and adults alike, found Kalowns unsettling. People say that they have never seen a Kalown blink, and that its eyes never seem to stop looking at you. Paranoid theorists claim that the rings from the bells on a Kalown's ears can make you unable to control your own body and that Kalowns lure children away at night. However, no such claims have ever had solid evidence backing it up. Thus, the SAR Center in Ark City has simply labeled the Kalown as a species feared due to coulrophobia, the fear of clowns.