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Spider...run for your life and pray to GOD it doesn't run faster than you

About Tentader Eggs

There are buboes of toxic goo all over this egg! Gross!

About the Tentader Creature

Located in the deepest of the deep Caves of the Forests of Ark, Tentaders are an extremely poisonous and large spider creature. They are aggressive toward any other living beings that aren't of their own kind. They, in general, do not leave their caves as they prefer to hoard their belongings deep inside of their protected caves.

Tentaders can detect vibrations through the ground very well. Their hearing is even better. This means that they are acutely aware of when predators enter their territory long before the predator even knows that a Tentader is present. Tentader goo is toxic and is used to slow down predators; a single Tentader bite is lethal.

Thankfully, female Tentaders can only reproduce once and have only one offspring. This helps keep the Tentader population under control, otherwise the entire island might be at risk of being overrun by them.