Scuttlebutt the Sentregg

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25 Jul 2016
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About Sentregg Eggs

Newly manufactured Sentreggs require a period of waiting prior to fully activating. Once a Sentregg has finished running diagnostics and calibrating itself, it will exit standby mode and become mobile by unfurling its four hidden appendages. While potentially unnerving to some observers, the red-tinted artificial eye at the center of the shell is an indicator of functioning properly. Malfunctioning Senreggs will generally display a dark blue coloration.

About the Sentregg Creature

An earlier invention of the Storticai species, the Sentregg is a security system developed to watch mining tunnels and warn of possible danger. Although designed primarily to monitor Pareteorsite activity, it has a vast, modifiable database that can differentiate between any face and/or species down to the smallest of details. If a hostile target is detected within a Sentregg's vicinity , a high-pitched siren will sound off alongside a bright revolving light as a means to disorient the threat while backup forces arrive.

Sentreggs were apologetically gifted to Arkians for inadvertently bringing Ark into a conflict between the Storticai and the Pareteorsite Queen. Store owners find this creature to be particularly useful in deterring would-be thieves.