Encra the Eveheer

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23 Dec 2020
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About Eveheer Eggs

This egg is perfectly nestled in the grass and kind of looks like a ladybug. It won't fly yet, though, because it is just an egg.

About the Eveheer Creature

With an average lifespan of 3 years, the Eveheer grows into a beautiful ladybug that eventually becomes home to a micro-landscape inside. This micro-landscape is entirely encased in glass, protecting the living creatures inside from the harsh forces of the outside world.

As Eveheers have been observed by the Science and Research Center in Ark City, the scientists noted that there are distinct weather patterns that occur in the micro-landscape. They found that the weather patterns that happen inside of the glass are more affected by the Eveheer's internal body temperature than the temperature of the outside world. This discovery lead them study the glass itself and ask, "How is it so effective at separating two environments but allows all life sustaining essence to flow through it?" The mystery of Eveheer Glass and how it functions has still not been solved; no answers to these questions have been found.