Meritina the Lui

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1 Jan 2021
27 Jan 2021
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My favorite webtoon EVER: Who Made Me a Princess/I Suddenly Became a Princess One Day
I also like: Lumine, Rebirth, I tamed a tyrant and ran away, My Deepest Secret, The Beginning After the End, the Golden Haired Elementalist, and many, many more

My bday: February 18th
My favorite flower: Kudamas

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About Lui Eggs

Lui eggs can be found floating on top of ice-cold lakes during the winter time. Their feathers are often frozen this time of the year, so they cannot extend and are very brittle. They continue to require freezing waters to hatch.

About the Lui Creature

Lui chicks love to play around on snow-blanketed banks of Ark's inland lakes. When chicks are young, they stay very close to their parents who mate for life. Once the chick reaches its second evolution, it will often fly away to another lake to begin its life. Occasionally its parents will visit but most often not.