Soholo the Holoton

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24 Jan 2021
8 Aug 2021
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About Holoton Eggs

An odd projector creates Holoton eggs. The projector is the only tangible part of the egg.

About the Holoton Creature

No one in Faela City are quite sure where Holotons come from. Holotons are almost wholly digital, able to enter and exit cyberspace at will, except for the odd projector that creates their realspace light bodies. Initial observations of the projectors of multiple Holotons seem to indicate that is is not a standardized creation, with many seemingly created out of bits of broken lenses, wire, and a power source. This has led to one theory that Holotons are somehow a "naturally occurring" species like the Manafly, a cast off project that has now taken a life of its own. Others believe that Holotons are some how related the elusive Kepatio due to their relationship with cyberspace. These scientists posit that a wild Kepatio has evolved the ability to create and created the first Holoton. So far there is not enough evidence to prove or disprove either theory