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About Omepail Eggs

Omepail eggs are hidden within the cloud of icy bodies at the outer edges of Ark's solar system. The SARC has joined forces with Storticai scientists in order to study the lifecycle of Omepails.

About the Omepail Creature

When a disturbance passes through the outer cloud of dust and icy objects at the edge of Ark's solar system Omepail eggs will be knocked loose from their orbit and come hurtling towards the inner solar system. This starts the hatching process as accumulated rock and dust fall away from the icy inner shell. As the egg nears a heat source, mainly the sun, the icy shell melts away and a young Omepail emerges. Once hatched the Omepail is no longer bound to an elliptical orbit around a star like mundane comets and will break away and begin exploring the vastness of space. Omepails make excellent pathfinders for starships traveling through unexplored nebulae and asteroid fields due to their exploring nature and an innate sense of where other astronomical objects are in relation to themselves even if those objects are hidden.

Before contact with the Storticai Omepails were an extremely rare sight on Ark as it was incredibly unlikely for an egg to actually reach Ark. Most sightings in the past of Omepails were of faint streaks of light in the night sky. Even now most Omepails don't stay very long on Ark as their great size makes being on a planet uncomfortable. However an Omepail light trail or two can be seen most nights in the sky.