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1 Jul 2021
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About Anukal Eggs

Anukal eggs glow with a fiery light. This glow dims significantly as the egg nears hatching and will go out completely after it hatches.

About the Anukal Creature

Deep in the desert, far from Leila, there are secret places of power. Places were the fabric of the world thins, where magic pools like water, or where terrors from beyond whisper from the shadows. Places filled with wonder and danger in equal measure. These places are guarded by the Anukal. Anukals are able to draw power from the many magical worlds that intersect Ark. Many prefer to use magic from the Fiery Shadows as many of Ark's peoples instinctively shy away from its destructive power. Aside from their extremely protective nature little is known about the Anukal culture as the group has very minimal contact with outsiders.