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Please feed TheWayWeAre if you stop by : ) He'd appreciate the snack, he's a growing Ookull.

Be generous and give some treats and love to hungry critters...

New feedy clicky post Nov 23

Thread 1 - please also scroll down to my post in this thread of clickable single eggs and forgotten coves. (it's less sad than my personal list i was linking to, that has turned into a virtual graveyard since I can't bring myself to delete their names.)
Thread 2

Also in need, my friend murmurw's side cove:
@murmuring (Says 'Do NOT Feed' but she only remembered to change the status on main, not here when she switched a bunch of her coves around. Now there's less than 1/2 of the cove alive.)

Needing just a small boost/DFD

Thank you Netherling for the Vulov! : D < 3

Note for self: Today's Feeds

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14 June 2022
Thank you to @sulvas (via @arivania) For selling me this cutie! ❤️

I already have a HUGE hoard of Ookull, but I still need to catch up on editing their profile stories (sadly, my neurological condition has kept me from being able to be creative.)

This cool dude will probably be my profile creature for the foreseeable future. I LOVE wolves, winter, and rainbows. I thought if I ever asked King_Maeniel to take a vacation, it would be so a Rannin could steal the show. When these spooky ookies came along though, they forever nested in my brain.

Meaning of the name is sort of abstract. I was going to go an entirely different route, but then this one popped into my head. It means so many various things to me. Something that could take pages to hash out. Everything from identity, to joy, to sorrow. From social and political, to just being. From metaphysical to physical.
Peace, Love, Unity, Togetherness, (especially when using the Little Piece Of Earth Travel)
Today 'Are We the Waiting' by Green Day also floats into my mind, but scenes from Alice in Wonderland had played through it.

Feel free to toss TheWayWeAre a treat, I want him to grow big and strong; just be mindful of your fingers : )

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TheWayWeAre says, "Take an egg coin, leave an egg coin."
If you can, please donate something to the Donation Center if you take something.

Help feed underfed eggs (I'm way behind on editing this, Sorry!)

19 June 22: Jamming to 'The Way I Was' by Jem & the Holograms

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22 July 2022, 9:27 PM
Your creature TheWayWeAre has become immortal and will not die. Congratulations on raising another creature successfully!

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02 Oct 2022, 8:39 PM Your creature TheWayWeAre has evolved to stage 2!
Lv 67
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*alraune3 *blub lothar *snowywinter tryvegan4theanimals
(oh wait, that was me, I think, I just fed him! 😃 )

02 Feb 2023
5:23 AM Your creature TheWayWeAre has evolved to stage 3!
Many thanks to everyone who held off on clicking/feeding TWWA until today! ❤️
And thank you to Twinkle who did me the honor of helping in the homestretch ; ) (so I could get the evolve feed.)

Level 150
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16 Feb 2023
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1 Aug 2023
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21 Aug 23 11:40 PM
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12 Oct 2023 12:44 PM
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I want so much to bestow many gifts upon my avatar, but one day I think I may have WeAre live among the 'Dark Purple Mist'. Until then, if anyone wants to gift some scenery to him, I'll add a shout out on his profile. (just make sure to Direct Message us, notifications expire, messages don't. I go on hiatus, and don't always keep up with messages.)
Anyone that has CC (reusable) Travels that I could borrow, it would be much appreciated. (Just make sure I'm active before sending one over.)

Travel Wishlist (Last updated 15 June 2022) (on hold until fully evolved, except Little Piece Of Earth)
(I may have these or not. WL in this case refers to the travels i wish to apply.)

Aurora Borealis
Eastern Jungles
Egg Patch
Glowing Spirit Ruins
Lightning Storm
Rainbow Light
Rainbow Sun Burst
Soul Notes
Where The Moon Sleeps
Cosmic Moon Perch (Burdrah Stage 4)
Stars & Moon (Canic Stage 2)
Abstract Paint Design (Wisoki Stage 2)
Wooden Vine Perch (Yastara Stage 3)

Note to Self - current goal: [updated 13 jan 23/ just shy of Stg3]
Clock Tower
The Dark Watch (Obarn Stage 3
Rainbow Planets (Rotehar Stage 4)
Loving Earth - to celebrate hatch

Stars & Moon (Canic Stage 2)
Aurora Borealis
The Dark Watch (Obarn Stage 3
Blue Moon (Luminette Stage 2)
Wooden Vine Perch (Yastara Stage 3)
Power (Seralphae Stage 4)

Twin Moons - 14Jun22 (self)
Little Piece Of Earth - 20Jun22 (self, via @frankenstein, @draiggy)
Loving Earth - 02Oct22 (self) "I love this place!"
Triple Chocolate Cake - 02Feb23 (Twinkle, thank you for the gift!) "OMG! Thank you soo much!"
[toy] Black Phantowl Plushie - 02Feb23 6:40am (Thanks to heatherm19 who traded plushies w me!)
Eternity Mountain - 16Feb23 12:16am (self via Twinkle) "I love this place!"
Magarel Desert - 23Feb23 12:42am (self - in support of Ukraine) "I love this place!"
Magical Rainbow Sunset - 28Mar23 5:26 PM (self) "OMG! Thank you soo much!"
Flower Fields - 01Aug23 8:35PM (self) "I love this place!"
Where The Moon Sleeps - (self) 10Oct23 "I love this place!"
Eternity Mountain - (self) 30Nov23 love this place!"

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For Posterity:
transfer: 6:27 PM
Name: DecOwoople
Lv 2 - egg, male
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26 Aug
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10 Sep
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7 Sep 2022
Added to Feed the Creature Above You thread - trial basis.
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Extended WL (coming soon/in-progress) :
(more *asterisks, the more I want it / FAV will indicate ones that looked good for profile.)

2017 Clock
Constellation (any)
Air Vortex
Ajani Asteroid
Ark Park
Ark Victory Day Flag
Ascending Hearts
* Aurora Borealis
any 'Autumn _' travel
Barren Pumpkin Patch
Bat Valentine's Heart
Batty Day
Beach Birds
Beaming Light From Behind
Bear Cave
Bioluminescent Jungles
Blue Docks
Bright Yellow Sunset
Bunthoff Burrow
Cactus At Sunset
Canals of Ark Bay
Candlelit Moon Magic
Candy Corn Mountains
Candy Fish River
Candy Mountain
Cherry Sunset
Chilly Autumn Breeze
Christmas Sky Lights
Clean Waters
Clock Tower
Clouds With Hanging Hearts
Clover Cliffs
Clover Rainbow Splash
Clovers and Mushrooms with Rainbows
Clovers and Stars
Coldworld Lands
Colorful Hill
Colors Of The Rainbow
Corn Drying
Country Mansion Staircase
Countryside Easter Basket
Creature Ornament
Creepy Joker Clown
Crow's Nest
Crystal Wings
Cybernetic Testing Lab
Daisy Fields
Dark Cemetery
***** Dark Purple Mist
Deadly Tsunami
Dimensional Portal
* Dragon Magic
Easter Egg Blooms
* Easter Egg Nest
** Eastern Jungles
Eastern Windlights
Eerie Glow
Egg Flower Fields
*** Egg Patch
Egg Wagon
Elder Tree
Eternity Mountain
Ether Lily Pads
Excavated Mine Wall
Faces Of The Dead
Fiery Planet
Fireworks Explosion Party
First Frost
First Of Spring
Flaming Wings of Glory
Floral Cottage
Forest Exit
Frosty Forest
Frosty Magic
Frozen Lake Under The Blue Sky
Frozen Night
Gecko Swamp
Glowing Mushroom Fields
Glowing Snow
* Glowing Spirit Ruins
Greenfields Road
Guitar Rainbow
Halloween Fairground Ferris Wheel
Haunted Moon
Haunted Swamp
Heart Balloon
Heart Paint Splat
Heavenly Light
Hidden Eggs in the Sun
Hidden Pirate Treasure
I Heart You
Ice Pond
Icy Abyss
Impressionist Autumn Lake
It's Raining Candy
It's Raining Egg Coins
Jurassic Flight
Large Library
* Laser Dance Party
Lavender Lake
Lightning Forest Fire
** Lightning Storm
Lit Window
**** Little Piece Of Earth
Lizard Branch
Lizard Sun Stone
Lost Hat on a Rainbow
Lost In The Red Fields
Love Bubble
Love Pawprints
Love Text Banner
Love the Earth
Love Tree at the Park
* Loving Earth
Luck Balls
Magic Mushrooms
Magical Rainbow Sunset
Magical Stained Glass
March Skies
Massive Geyser
Meadow Of Love
Misty Autumn Waters
Misty Blue Mountains
Misty Marigold Fields
Mosaic Egg Heart
Mushroom Beach
Musical Note Explosion
* Mystical Wooden Portal
Mystical Woods
Naharia Plants
Naharia Rope Bridge
Neatly Lit Candles
Neon Blooms Of Wildflowers
New Ark Eve Globe
New Stars
New Year's Star
New Years 2011
Night Camping
Nighttime Ferris Wheel
Northern Moonset
Northern Outer Space
O Christmas Tree
Offshore Island
Ominous Circus Tent
On a Cloud
One Of A Kind Planet
Orange Leaf Meadows
Orange Leaves
Orange Tree Grove
Overgrown Graveyard
Paint Splat Tree
Park Bench In Ark City
Party Hat
Pattys Wings
Peaceful Autumn View
Perpetual Ring of Ignition [Priority if I get one, goes to another creature first.]
Pile of Pillows
Pine Forest at Dawn
* Pot of Contained Rainbow
Pot of Rainbows
Prism Clover
Pumpkin Light
Pumpkin Spice
Purple Bubbles
Purple Fire Bugs
Rainbow Above
Rainbow Flower Blooms
Rainbow Glitter Hill
Rainbow Grove
Rainbow Hills
Rainbow Inferno
**** Rainbow Light
Rainbow Moon
Rainbow Power Star
Rainbow Racing Stars
*** Rainbow Sun Burst
Rainbow Tree
Rainbow Tree Wood
Rainy Pond
Regal Fireworks Display
Relic's Cave
Remote Observatory
Satellite Planets
Scarecrow In The Moonlight
Scary Autumn Forest
Scary Bats
Snowy Christmas Night
Snowy Whispering Woods
*** Soul Notes
Southern Crystal Caves
Southern Windlights
* St. Patrick's Day Rainbow
* Star of Bethlehem
Strange Land
* Stylized Sky
Summer Cottage
Summer Solstice
Sunkissed Flower Field
Sunny Hill
Sunset of a Heart
Sunset Over The Plains
Sunset Sands
Super Hurricane
Supernova Plasma Fire
Tangled Clover
Tangled Wood
Tarsus Constellation
Technicolor Forest
The Fools Wand
The Frozen Tundra
The Glow of Frost
The Grand Halls
The Great Snow Road
The Hatchery
The Love Bees
The Love Galaxy
The Lovebow
The Magic Snowflake
The Moontops
The New Star
The Northern Winter Lights
The Orange Leafy Path
The Purple Bark Tree
** The Rainbow Curtain
The Rainbow Star Belt
The Willow Stone
Treetop With Easter Eggs
Triceratops Graveyard
Trippy Flowers
Tulips In The Sunshine
Twinkling Pumpkin Forest
Ultra Sugary Jellies
Ultra-sized Easter Egg
Underwater Glowing Fish
Very Frozen Trees
Volcano Flame Heater
Volcano Waterfall
Warm Cat Bed
** Where The Moon Sleeps
Wings Of Glory
Winter Creeping In
Wolf Howl
Wrinke Tree


Large Rainbow Mohawk (Adiped Stage 4)
Japanese Lanterns (Alkub Stage 4)
Piano Path (Arpeggiarp Stage 2)
Basque Nesting (Basque Stage 2)
Neon Lights (Batteron Stage 3)
Dance Dance (Batteron Stage 4)
Tail Wing (Battyrus Stage 3)
Bearealis Lights (Bearealis Stage 2)
Dark Purple Matter (Bearealis Stage 3
Icy Cosmic Gate (Biwo Stage 3)
Candy Soup (Bubblefish Stage 1)
** Cosmic Moon Perch (Burdrah Stage 4)
** Stars & Moon (Canic Stage 2)
* Dark Glowing Trees (Carnivorse
Fire Bat Minions (Clast Stage 3)
Chasing The Rainbow (Cloveater Stage 4
Purple Rose (Corphex Stage 1)
Pink Vortex (Cosmomon Stage 3)
Silver Glow (Cosmomon Stage 4)
Purple Flower Accessory (Cotofly Stage 4)
Crabbert Nest (Crabbert Stage 1)
Find The Gold (Eirephant Stage 4)
It's All Mine (Falcena Stage 3)
Rowboat (Flickle Stage 3)
Fireflies (Flintar Stage 1)
Firestorm (Flintar Stage 2)
Cosmic Strike (Flofbite Stage 1)
Enchantment Ring (Flyen Stage 1)
Icicles (Frice Stage 2)
Magic Snowflakes (Froplet Stage 1)
Ribbon Tail Extensions (Gadfly Stage 3)
Electric Fire (Gadfly Stage 4)
The Starry Night (Iccilah Stage 1)
Shooting Hearts (Leffer Stage 3)
Blue Moon (Luminette Stage 2)
Orange Sky (Lyralopex Stage 4)
Mothman Storm (Mothman Stage 3)
Rainbow Explosion (Moue Stage 4)
Santa Moon Hat (Muffette Stage 3)
Stained Glass Window (Muska Stage 2)
Blistering Red Cosmos (Nulli Stage 3)
Lion Constellation (Nulli Stage 4)
Whipped Cream (Nunny Stage 1)
*** The Dark Watch (Obarn Stage 3
Quarter Notes (Pekva Stage 1)
Already Hatched (Perukey Stage 1)
Singularity (Perukey Stage 2)
Yellow Feathers (Perukey Stage 3)
Rubber Ducky (Pinkunk Stage 1)
Dark Ice Vines (Pipitallo Stage 1)
Multicolored Water Streams (Quiv Stage 3)
I Ruined The Cake (Reidea Stage 3)
Rainbow Leaves (Renbogi Stage 1)
Golden Sparks (Ringtail Stage 4)
Cherry Blossom Tree (Rix Stage 1)
Blue Hearts (Rix Stage 2)
Perch Of Energy (Rix Stage 3)
Cosmic Moon (Rotehar Stage 2)
Rainbow Antimatter (Rotehar Stage 3)
*** Rainbow Planets (Rotehar Stage 4)
** Shining Star (Sammied Stage 2)
Bioluminescent Zen (Savarab Stage 1)
Cosmic Transcendence (Savarab Stage 3)
Cosmic Arms (Savarab Stage 4)
Moonlight (Scarffel Stage 3)
Snow Vortex (Seralphae Stage 3)
* Power (Seralphae Stage 4)
Soutenue Wings (Soutenue Stage 3)
Shock Rising (Sparktail Stage 3)
Rainbow Cot (Spunny Stage 2)
Good Luck Wand (Stobow Stage 4)
Yellow Birdie (Unipeg Stage 2)
Deep Knowing (Unipeg Stage 3)
Vitta Nest (Vitta Stage 2)
Noxious Clouds (Volcondor Stage 1)
Flag of the Inferno (Volcondor Stage 2
Wahla Heart (Wahla Stage 2)
Ice Sunshine (Waurolrus Stage 2)
* Alternative Galaxy (Waurolrus 3
Whirlzong (Whirlz Stage 2)
Hair Extensions (Whirlz Stage 3)
Dancing Golden Cat (Wicculin Stage 3)
Cat Face Moon (Wicculin Stage 4)
Witch's Tree (Wiggit Stage 4)
Wet Paint (Wisoki Stage 1)
Abstract Paint Design (Wisoki Stage 2)
Wisoki Jewels (Wisoki Stage 3)
Electric Swirl (Xoloti Stage 3)
*** Wooden Vine Perch (Yastara Stage 3)
Coin Deposit (Youngold Stage 2)
Grass Pond (Zebbit Stage 3)

I really need to clean this all up It's gettign to be a mess!
Had this list on standby Jan 2023 for Stage 3
eternity mountain
Magical Rainbow Sunset
Pine Forest at Dawn
The Frozen Tundra
The Glow of Frost
The Great Snow Road
The Northern Winter Lights
Triple Chocolate Cake
Trippy Flowers
Where The Moon Sleeps
White Light Fountain
Winter Creeping In

- - - - -

Hey, you made it down this far.
I mean to add this to my main profile if i ever get around to editing it.
Come play nifty games and collect a bunch of stuff over on Subeta! It's like Neopets... but not as glitchy.

About Ookull Eggs

It looks like a wolf creature might come out of this egg, but it is actually incubating an owl...

About the Ookull Creature

Ookulls are thought of as dark spirit owls of the forest. The aura and magic that they project is of a dark nature but not necessarily filled with malice and ill intent. Ookulls are active only during the night and become invisible when there is sunlight. Ookulls do not show themselves even on a brightly-lit night with a full moon—such light energy is too much for them. They stay hidden... and seem to like it that way.

When first discovered, many Arkians engaged in séances to commune with the Ookulls. It is rumored that some still do...