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1 Dec 2021
24 Dec 2021
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About Piefox Eggs

The smell emanating from this Piefox egg is irresistable. Don't eat it, don't eat it! You want to see the creature inside that ends up hatching...

About the Piefox Creature

Piefoxes are a fun-loving creature that become the most active around Thanksgiving. They frequently love running around at top speed and crashing their pie-faces into unsuspecting victims. Typically, people respond pretty positively to such pranks, as Piefox pies are incredibly delicious.

Eat pie from a Piefox isn't particularly harmful to the creature itself. So... enjoy and partake in a delicious dessert! However, when the pie is out, it's out. You'll need to respect the Piefox's boundary until the pie has regenerated. Piefox pie isn't typically abundant outside of Thanksgiving time.