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About Bubblynx Eggs

Bubblynx eggs are quite a mystery because they're not so much eggs as they are bubbles! While a normal bubble will pop easily, the bubble "shell" that protects the developing creature inside is strong and flexible. If the bubble begins to look dry, you may place the egg in a bath; it will float at the top of the water. The egg can be popped by a sharp enough object though, so be careful where you keep it!

About the Bubblynx Creature

Bubblynx are affectionately referred to as "Bubble Cats" by many citizens of Ark because of the bubbles found on their heads, around their necks, and on their tails. Their fur often has a somewhat "soapy" feel to it and when they play in water (as they love to do) they can become completely covered in bubbles for a short time! Bubblynx owners often comment that in addition to feeling soapy, the creatures faintly smell like soap.