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About Galith Eggs

Galith "eggs" can only hatch (or rather unfold) once their internal batteries reach a certain percent of energy. How does one charge its battery, you may ask? Place the egg outside on a windy day and watch as the blades begin to whirr and twirl.

About the Galith Creature

To celebrate Ark's annual Earth Day, Arkitech Incorporated have developed an environmentally friendly and revolutionary piece of technology. The Galith is the newest creature in their pet robot line, however this one both looks and operates quite a bit differently from the others. Instead of being a companion that assists with daily activities, the Galith is advertised as being a "clean portable generator." In other words, it's essentially a walking wind turbine.

Galiths love to sit outside during windy days. Using the rotor blades on their "faces" and the generator contained within their bodies, a Galith can effectively convert kinetic energy from the wind into renewable electrical power. A small amount of this electricity is fed directly to their internal batteries, but the rest can be stored and used to power devices in your own home (or even when you're out and about)! The current commercially available model cannot power an entire house on its own, however.

Galiths also possess an AI which has reported to be rather dog-like. They are very friendly and can be rather clingy with their owners.