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About Decapot Eggs

On the underside of expectant Decapot mothers is an egg mass that is bound by a clay-like substance. These muddy clumps often consist of up to a hundred thousand tiny eggs that, after two weeks of incubation, are released into the shallow waters of Ark Bay to hatch en masse.

About the Decapot Creature

The shallow basin on their carapace is filled with nutrient-dense soil that has been scooped up from the forested shorelines of Ark Bay. A diverse selection of plants is thoughtfully arranged atop this soil by the Decapod to both provide clever camouflage in the dense jungle foiliage and to be used in brilliant courtship displays.

A yearly migration occurs during the late summer season where several thousands of these canopied crustaceans will trek across the beaches of Ark Bay to drop off their many eggs into the water. This mass migration event has attracted such an annual crowd that the Ark City Floral Festival was established in honor of it.