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25 Jul 2022
24 Aug 2022
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About Pinyanda Eggs

Pinyanda egg shells are made up from a mixture of paper, flour, and water similar to papier-mâché. However, the shell itself is thicker unlike any papier-mâché and also oddly stretchy. The egg gives off a sweet and sugary scent that will have your mouth watering. Don't be fooled, they are NOT edible!

About the Pinyanda Creature

Pinyandas are fueled with joy and energy. These friendly creatures are drawn towards parties and love to bring joy to all citizens of Ark. Their bright colors are captivating to the eyes, drawing in anyone's attention.

How does one encounter a Pinyanda? It's rare to find one on its own as they typically roam in groups. Large gatherings that involve loud music and dancing will often attract nearby groups of Pinyandas. Their tails will begin to shake in rhythm to the music and will give off a sweet aroma that spreads joy and laughter among crowds, almost infectiously.

Arkians have reported that the Pinyandas will mysteriously vanish at the end of parties and leave traces of candy behind as a parting gift. The candy is often sweet, but don't be mislead; do them wrong and you might find yourself with bitter and sour candy!