Mimica the Mimic

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1 Oct 2022
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About Mimic Eggs

This egg was only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park for October 2014.

The porcelain shell of a Mimic egg is exceptionally fragile. If one of the pins jutting out from a Mimic egg is unwittingly removed by a human, or even a creature, it is told through legend that they will be afflicted with constant misfortune for the next 13 years.

About the Mimic Creature

Staying true to their name, Mimics possess an uncanny ability to disguise themselves as other dolls and plushies. These disguises are nearly indistinguishable from the actual toys. Once a Mimic has infiltrated a home, it will methodically destroy each and every toy in the building until only itself is remaining. Children living in homes occupied by a Mimic are relentlessly pestered by the malevolent doll until it is played with each night.

Mimics exhibit brutally violent behavior towards Doovoo and actively seek out the species for its apparent extinction, much to the curiosity of the scientific community and conspiracy theorists alike. Ongoing research at the Science and Research Center indicates that Mimics strongly dislike supernatural creatures outside of their own species in general, yet primarily target Doovoo for a currently unknown reason.

Unlike the Doovoo, Mimics have absolutely no qualms with harming another Arkian creature.