Dryads the Pinnaqua

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14 Jun 2024
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About Pinnaqua Eggs

Pinnaqua eggs float upon the deep seas of Fairy World. Sometimes they can be found floating near the shore.

About the Pinnaqua Creature

Pinnaquas are a common sight on the seas and in fishing villages all over in Fairy World. They are incredibly helpful to those who respect and take care of their watery home. Woe to those who do not respect the sea or pay attention to the rules laid down by the Pinnaquas. The anger of these fairies is a great and terrible thing to behold and deadly to those in its path.

Somewhere in the vast seas of Fairy World lies Meretis, the great city of the Pinnaqua. Fish and other aquatic life swim around the graceful spires of rock and coral that compose the city. Meretis is one of the few places in Fairy World that sees a significant amount of visitors from Ark. There are a number of long standing trade agreements with Seamer City and Luryukens have always been friends and allies with to the Pinnaqua.